Pricing Programs

We have the right heating oil program option for your family and your budget.  Read the pricing descriptions below, and give our office a call or fill out the form below for more information.

Fixed Price Program

With Guardian Fuel & Energy’s Fixed Price Program you will have a set price that does not fluctuate with market conditions, whether it’s up or down.

  • Price is fixed at a certain price and does not adjust if the market declines or rises
  • Annual contract with a minimum of 500 gallon commitment is required

Price Guard™ Program

With our Price Guard™ Program your price will never increase but moves down if the market price is lower than your set price.

  • Performs well when market conditions move either up or down dramatically
  • Annual contract is required

Market Price Program

With our Market Price Program you pay the posted market price for each delivery. This price changes with current market conditions. No specific gallon commitment is required.

Contact us today to choose the right pricing program for you and your family.