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Guardian Fuel is committed to providing a better customer experience by providing expert guidance, state of the art products, and cost saving solutions. As a Guardian Fuel customer you have the choice to order oil online as a full service or self-service customer. Our full service customers will continue to receive valuable services such as automatic delivery, budget plans, and price protection. If you prefer to manage your own deliveries and save on your heating oil price, you can order at your convenience 24 hours a day at

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Guardian is transforming the way modern energy consumers heat their homes by providing them exclusively with renewable, environmentally friendly BIOHEAT® Fuel. Biodiesel, a renewable and biodegradable fuel is blended with clean, low sulfur heating oil to create Guardian's BIOHEAT® Fuel Blend. It is produced domestically, supporting American Farmers, important recycling efforts and provides you with a cleaner burning, more efficient fuel to heat your home or business.

BIOHEAT® Fuel replaces conventional heating oil without any conversions or retrofitting to your system, so you don't have to worry about making an investment to get the best heating fuel available today.

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BIOHEAT® Fuel Makes A World Of Difference

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  • Convenient online ordering and bill-pay
  • Advanced biofuels for money-saving efficiency
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  • 24 - hour service

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BIOHEAT® Fuel is an exceptionally clean source of heat! It burns so well, it can actually improve your heating system operation and reduce service interruptions!

BIOHEAT® Fuel Makes A World Of Difference

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