Diesel and Gasoline

Guardian Fuel & Energy Systems specializes in small to medium size deliveries of on and off road diesel as well as different grades of gasoline. We offer prompt, reliable delivery to meet the customer's demands. Our customer base as an example, includes excavation contractors, farms, marinas, golf courses and diesel fleets. Fuel quality is of utmost importance to us. You have a business to run and time is money. Poor fuel quality can grind your fleet to a halt and in today's competitive business environment any down time can cost you a customer. Guardian Fuel can protect you from that happening.

We are a certified Valvtect fuel additive distributor. Originally developed for the marine industry the management of Guardian Fuel has found that many land based operators have suffered the same fuel related problems that marine based businesses experience. Our Valvtect VMGA gasoline additive protects your engine against the effects of ethanol blending in gasoline by reducing corrosion, preventing phase separation and stabilizing octane ratings. VMDA, the diesel counterpart to VMGA adds lubrication to the new ultra low sulphur diesel blends, cleans injectors and prevents the growth of filter clogging bacteria.

Guardian Fuel & Valvtect...year round protection for the lifeline that keeps your business running.

If you would like a fuel assessment, pricing or are having a particular problem with fuel in your fleet please contact Owner, Randy Lohr for more information.

Call 401-596-6566 or send an email to rlohr@guardianfuel.com