Today, there's a new and unique opportunity for home heat.  As an Oilheat household, you can make the choice to heat your home with BIOHEAT® the cleaner, renewable home heat.  BIOHEAT® is traditional Oilheat blended with biodiesel produced right here in the U.S.  There's no need to change any of your heating equipment.  It's simple and easy!

BIOHEAT® is an exceptionally clean source of heat!  It burns so well, it can actually improve your heating system operation and reduce service interruptions.  Though you don't see it at work, BIOHEAT® with Technology helps your heating system 24 hours a day reducing sediment formation and protecting your tank from corrosion, reducing filter clogging, and providing smoother, more reliable pump operation.

In your furnace or boiler there are fewer deposits, reduced soot, and lower emissions resulting in less maintenance and better heat transfer.  Peak efficiency is maintained between tune-ups, saving you money.  Your family will be more comfortable, more secure, and feel better, knowing you have BIOHEAT® in your tank.


BIOHEAT® is better for the Earth and the air you breathe.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency confirms that biodiesel is an "advanced biofuel" that meets the demands of the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard.  That means that biodiesel reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 86% compared to petroleum, and produces at least 5.54 units of energy for every unit of energy invested.

The biodiesel used in BIOHEAT® is made right here at Newport Biodiesel, from regionally available waste vegetable oil. In other parts of the country, it might be made from other renewable resources that are abundant in the U.S. including animal fats, soybean, and other plant oils.  The more biodiesel we use, the more we strengthen our energy independence and security, and use less foreign oil.  It also means biodiesel is creating jobs right here in the U.S.

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