It's Not Your Grandfather's Oil Heat!

In 1962, I tagged along with my Dad to buy heating oil for our home. The price was 3½ cents per gallon. The man behind the desk was chewing on a stogie, the smell of oil permeated the office, and everything seemed to be covered in a thin film of black oil goo!

Fast-forward to today, and you'll see Guardian Fuel & Energy Systems has a completely different business model than the fuel business of '62. You can see it in our name! We're your energy partner, investigating and studying new technologies in equipment and alternative fuels. We're helping you find the best solutions for your family's comfort and safety.

Your oil heat system today is 40% more efficient, and just 1/6 the size of the monster we had in our basement back in 1962! Independent oil dealers and equipment manufacturers continue to work together to bring you better efficiency and combustion: more heat, from less oil! Today's BIOHEAT® is better for the environment (including critical indoor air quality, for your family's good health), reduces system maintenance and service incidents, and reduces our country's dependence on oil. We're working to bring Ultra-low sulfur products to the heating market, making BIOHEAT® the cleanest, most environmentally friendly and efficient heating fuel available today. You don't need to spend a lot of money to convert your oil heating system to take advantage of today's advanced biofuel. In fact, you need to do no more than simply click here to join the Evolution of Oilheat!

Guardian Fuel is a family business, begun on the dining room table 20 years ago! We pride ourselves on looking ahead to keep on top of renewable alternative fuels, and modern business practices like on-line ordering and bill-pay. But we also remember the way business was done in the 1960's. So if you like to do business face-to-face with the owner of the company, you'll be glad to know that we work in the office daily, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Don't be surprised if we know you when you call! Have a special concern? Questions about an energy or mechanical issue at home? We're happy to help, just click here and get in touch with us today.

Guardian Fuel & Energy Systems also supports an economic and political revolution in green energy. Biodiesel, a key component of BIOHEAT®, is made right here in Newport, Rhode Island at Newport Biodiesel from reclaimed vegetable oils. By collecting these oils we eliminate them from the waste stream. Instead of that oil going into our ground water through the land fill, dozens of people working in a green manufacturing plant have good-paying, high-tech jobs converting that waste to biodegradable fuel for transportation and heating. As residents of Connecticut and business owners in Rhode Island, we have gone to the statehouses to ask our legislatures to join us in our battle against high concentrations of sulfur (toxic pollutant) in heating fuels, to help us bring the most efficient heating equipment to consumers through adoption of cleaner fuel standards, and to reward users of renewable fuels by reducing or eliminating fuel taxes (see awards, articles). It is our belief that to make a world of difference, we each need to start right here at home. One step toward renewable energy sources, followed by another, and another, will take us into a brighter future together.

Oh, and sorry about the 3½ cents!

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Petroleum Association Honors Jamie Lohr of Guardian Fuel

Posted by Laurie Ramaker  January 3, 2013  Stonington-MysticPatch

The Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association honored Jamie Lohr, of Guardian Fuel as 2012 Marketer of the Year at its recent annual convention.  "We recognize her for being instrumental in fostering inter-association cooperation, as evidenced by this joint conference between ICPA and the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island," said ICPA President Gene Guilford. "We also recognize her for the legislative work she's done by testifying before state legislatures, advocating for low sulfur standards for heating oil, and a biofuels mandate.

She is an example of an active, articulate marketer, willing and able to speak her mind with legislators. We need more like her in Hartford and Providence! The ICPA recently held its annual convention in conjunction with the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island. Jamie and her husband Randy, who live in Stonington, Conn., own Guardian Fuel based in Westerly, R.I. Guardian Fuel diversified its offerings to include not only heating oil, but also BIOHEAT®, gasoline and diesel. Jamie and Randy are passionate advocates for the use of biofuels. "Not only does Guardian Fuel talk the talk, they also walk the walk; and are converting 100 percent of their customer base to Bioheat," Guilford noted.

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